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Naruto Wiki rebranding

For immediate release founded in the fall of 2021 was a website containing information about the popular Naruto & Boruto tv series and manga sequal.

Reason for rebranding: Our team has always had ambitions to create a knowledge base for anything related to Naruto. Unfortunately the previous brand and domainname were not suitable for a further expansion to other anime series, therefore we made a decision to rebrand to our new name AnimeWikis.

Impact: We have decided to keep the Naruto Filler List and Characters but have discontinued to offer separate pages covering Anime Episodes and Manga Chapters, simply because the user-intent for these pages is to watch episodes or read the chapters, which we cannot offer.


Our goal is to create accurate, fact checked and community based information about anything related to the Anime topic. We will cover anime filler lists, character information, recommendations, quotes and many more in-depth articles about your favorite anime series.

Plans and future

We have plans to develop a question & answer section on which users can join our community to ask a question or answer a question based on any Anime series or anime related topic.


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